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gary 2017Gary T. Hill (Program Director, CADC-II, ICADC, CCDS, CWTS): Gary Hill brings twelve years of personal recovery and extensive professional development to his position as Program Director for CSRS. Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Gary joined CSRS eight years ago after training and supervising at a treatment center in the Sacramento Foothills. As he works to develop counselors who are kind, concerned, empathetic and firm, Gary never loses sight of where he was before recovery and where he is today.

When he’s not working with the CSRS staff, Gary plays the bass guitar or flies a Cessna 150 or 172. He took up flying as a way of tackling a fear of about facing your fears head-on. Important footnote: Gary is a 49er fanatic, so bring on the red and gold.


areille 2017Arielle Edwards (Lead Counselor, CADC, CAS): Arielle has worked at Clean & Sober Recovery Services for over five years and is now the Lead Counselor, which she considers a dream come true. “When I was in treatment at age 17, all I wanted to do was empower people to make the right decisions and develop a firm foundation for their recovery. I have an opportunity to do that here.”

To Arielle, CSRS feels like a home where people are welcomed and respected. Because the staff members are in recovery themselves, participants will find that their issues and concerns are not unique. “There isn’t much that we haven’t gone through ourselves,” Arielle notes. Arielle is proud of her work at CSRS, and she is also very proud of her canine and feline “family.” Mini dachshund Paris and kitty Alexandria entertain her, keep her company, and fill each day with peace and comfort.

jlarkin 2017Justin Larkins (Counselor, RADT-1): Justin, who was dependent on drugs and alcohol for over 20 years, describes himself as, “honored to be able to help people who struggle with the same thing I’ve struggled with.” Justin became a counselor at CSRS in a round-about way: His volunteer work turned into a job at a local detox center and gave him the chance to start working in the field while studying counseling at the CAARR Institute.

Later, a counselor position at CSRS opened up, creating a serendipitous opportunity for Justin to use his training as a counselor and his B.A. in Psychology while helping others get healthy. Justin is now fulfilling two major life goals – to maintain sobriety and to get out of the construction business. In truth, Justin’s still in construction at CSRS, but now he’s helping build new lives instead of houses.


anthony 2017Anthony Moseby (Executive Chef): Anthony Moseby “got really lucky” when he found the Executive Chef position at CSRS while cooking up a storm at the local sober living community he called “home.” CSRS residents are equally lucky because they benefit from Anthony’s sixteen years of restaurant and kitchen wisdom. On the menu tonight is pork loin stuffed with spinach and mushrooms. Tomorrow night? Let’s see what Anthony creates when he switches up the grains (think quinoa and couscous), puts a tasty vegetable on every plate and works the residents’ suggestions into the menu.

Asked what he likes best about his work, Anthony replies, “I get to be creative. There’s something new every day, and I get a healthy gratification from that.” Along the way, CSRS residents get healthy, too, as they fortify their bodies with Anthony’s delicious home cooking.

MirandaMiranda McQueen (Support Specialist RADT-1): It’s rare for Native American women to get sober because families and generations struggle with the disease. And drugs and alcohol are killing Miranda’s entire family...her father, her brother, her sister, her cousins. Where did she find the strength to seek recovery? Miranda explains, “I hit rock bottom when I lost my mom and then decided to drink myself to death. But I realized that I needed to be there for my children, and I was dying right before their eyes.”

Today, Miranda is healthy and loves spending time with her five children and step-children, two grandbabies and two Yorkies. She found recovery at CSRS, and has been working here since mid-2015 while pursuing her Addictions Treatment Counselor certification.

Miranda draws strength from the residents at CSRS. And she gives them strength, as well. “This is what I want new residents to know when they walk through the door: Have hope, be open-minded and honest, and learn to love yourself again.”


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