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Recovery 101 - everything you need to know in 15 quick pages

Author Ricki Townsend is a Registered Interventionist, Drug/Alcohol Counselor, Ncac1, CADC-CAS, Bri-1, Chaplain and Grief Recovery Specialist. 

Occasionally, the parents of addicted children (of any age) say something like, “Wow, Dr. Spock forgot that final, important chapter – the one on addiction and alcoholism.”  And it’s so true…where was that guidance around helping our children understand and safely navigate the world of drugs and alcohol? Schools devote, at most, several weeks a year to exploring how alcohol and other drugs impact their bodies. And “invulnerable” teens continue to test limits by "experimenting" with alcohol and other drugs. (Note that an "experiment" is one or two trials; like spinach, you either like it or you don't). Parents are in the dark about the risk factors for and prevalence of teen drinking and drugging, so they blindly believe “Not my child.” And communities as a whole, for the most part, sweep the issue under the carpet.

It’s like the era of “The Big C,” when people didn’t utter the word “cancer” for fear that it would bring that disease to life. Well, cancer is alive and well, even if you don’t call it by name, and so is addiction and alcoholism, or what we know today as Substance Use Disorder.

The denial, shame and secrecy of Substance Use Disorder means that people lack even the most basic information about this disease.  For that reason, I decided to pull together an e-book which is free to all.  It’s called Recovery 101: the 15 Most Important Things to Know about Addiction, Treatment and Recovery. You can get Recovery 101 here.

Let's all claim our knowledge and the power it gives us to rebuild healthy lives!


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